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Welcome to On the Books, Navan's enablement program purpose-built to help customers like you make the most of our platform. Here you can find everything from how-to videos to relevant resources to product updates and more. We recommend bookmarking this page to have the answers you need at your fingertips and stay up to date on what’s new with our products.

Whether you’re reconciling your books or getting your employees booked, there’s always something relevant On the Books to help you get your organization traveling and expensing more efficiently. 

Introducing Navan Connect: A Game-Changer in Expense Management

It's now even easier to experience the magic of Navan Expense with our latest launch: Navan Connect. Simply link your existing corporate Mastercard or Visa card to Navan, and reap the benefits of real-time visibility and policy controls. 

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TripActions' enablement program purpose-built to help customers like you make the most of our platform. 

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The State of Corporate Travel & Expense 2023

TripActions partnered with Skift to survey 700+ travel and finance managers and 1,100+ business travels to understand how companies are approaching policies and technologies to run agile, cost-effective travel and expense programs.

Admin 101: Getting Started with Navan

Admin 101: Getting Started with TripActions

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All-Hands SlideEmail TemplateSlack TemplateTraveler Checklist

Learn how to add users, review your travel policy and more in this step-by-step tutorial from our experts.

Everything covered in the Admin 101 for Travel, plus everything you need to know for Navan Expense.

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Employee & Traveler Resources

Employee & Traveler Resources

Key Capabilities for Cost Savings & Value Added Tax (VAT) Reporting
How Generative AI Can Transform Your T&E Program
How to Supercharge Your Corporate Card
Mastering Corporate Travel 101

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Expense Policy OverviewHotel Attachment Rate Guide

One-Pagers and Guides

Quarterly Product Update July 2023

Internal Rollout Resources

Internal Rollout Resources

All-Hands SlideEmail TemplateSlack TemplateTraveler ChecklistAll-Hands SlideEmail TemplateSlack TemplateTraveler Checklist

Did you know mandating Navan in your organization can drive cost savings, time savings, and employee trust? Leverage these resources to get more of your employees on the platform. 

Personal Travel HR KitsNavan Pro OverviewIntroducing Navan: February 2023
Introducing Navan WebinarNavan Expense Email TemplateIntroducing Navan Group Travel

Group Travel

Webinar: Navan Group Travel
Guide: Managing Group Travel
Overview: Event Approval Feature
Traveler Checklist
Setting Up Users
Traveler Quick Tour
Navan Group TravelNavan Guest Travel
Navan Connect
Hotel & Air Reshopping, Targeted Policy, and Quickbooks Online (QBO) Integration
Quarterly Product Update December 2022
Reserving a Rental Car
Booking a Train
Booking Travel for Others (Delegate)
Changing/Cancelling a Booking
Contacting SupportTravel Admin Dashboard
Expense Manager Dashboard
Booking a Hotel
Quarterly Product Update November 2023Navan Glossary